Windows cannot be installed to this disk + error 0x8004240f Failed to create a new partition on the selected unused space

Hi, I'm new here,

So the other day I was building my very first pc with all the hardware all set up and it booted up the BIOS so everything went really well, until i was going to install windows onto it. I followed some tutorials and inserted the installation disk, run the installation until the page where it asks "where do you want to install windows?" I saw the tutorial made a new partition drive where the size of it is the same as the size of the new HDD (unollacted : 465gb, new partition : 465 gb) i didn't really know well about this kinda stuff so i just followed it and chosed apply. But it took forever and I wasn't patient enough so i decided to cancel it and try to install it all over again by restarting it. I restarted it and i thought there was a problem with it.

First, the loading in "starting windows" screen took FOREVER like 5-10 minutes just showing the starting windows screen with the win7 logo on it (the logo glows like usual win7 startup, so it was loading but much slower than the first time I loaded the windows disk).

Second, when i tried to install it again, on the bottom left corner of the window "where do you want to install windows" with my unallocated disk selected, it says "windows cannot be installed to this disk". But i kept going and make the partition drive. I searched on google about the partition stuff and decided to make the new partition with 100gb of space and I chosed apply again. It also took a long time, about 4-5 minutes and it displayed, "Failed to create a new partition on the selected unused space (Error 0x8004240fb)". I tried to do it all over again for many times but kept getting the same result. I was stuck at this point and started to find answers.

I was thinking there might be a problem with my HDD because of the forced cancel in the first install. I tried reconnecting the SATA cables, switching SATA slots, but nothing works. I'm currently doing the "diskpart clean all" step A that someone answered here:,
even though the HDD is empty. It says it would took about 2 hours to complete a "clean all" command for 500gb of HDD but i had been waiting for 3 hours and nothing happens, just "DISKPART> clean all" showing up on the console. It also told me that when I wrote "clean all" and press ENTER, the cursor will be blinking (which cursor he meant, mouse cursor or the one on the console?). Any help is really appreciated!
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    There is no Error "0x8004240fb"... there is a 240F or 240B so FB



    2.2.3 Error Codes

    VDS (Virtual Disk Service)

    It may be a combined error but seems it's only HDD initiation failure.. start the installation again, and as you get to the partition creating screen, if it shows a drive letter, delete the partition so you can start over and create a new partition of the appropriate size so it's created much quicker.
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