ACPI BIOS ERRors After new memory installed

HP m7360n "acpi bios error." i get this error after adding 2 memory modules to the 2 already installed, making a total of 4, which is the system's max. System runs fine with the original 2 modules, and runs fine with the two new modules. But the system will not boot with all 4 installed. I purchased the new memory from HP, so there's no comparability issues.
Any ideas out there?
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  1. How much ram did you install? Looks like it only supports up to 4 GB (4x 1GB) max
  2. The system came with 2 Gigs of ram (1Gig x 2). I'm just trying to add 2 more (1 Gig x 2) for a total of 4 (1 Gig x 4). In case the installation was the culprit, I reloaded Windows 10 Pro last night. No go. Same result. My first 2 modules (without the 2 I just bought) allow the system to work normally (albeit, a little slowly because I'm running the 64-bit version of Windows 10). If I take out the original 2 megs and put in just the 2 new modules I just bought, the system works, as well. But all four installed gives me: "ACPI BIOS ERROR."

    I haven't been able to find any new bios versions online (Currently: Phoenix, LTD 3.06, 1/25/2006), and HP discontinued support for the m7306n. The 2 new memory modules are identical to the original two. PC2 - 4200 533Mhz. Even if I did find a bios update, it would most likely be for Windows XP. I'm not sure how I could get that to work while running Windows 10 Pro.

    The computer has no other problems at all, and it's been my go-to computer for about 4 years. While three new HP laptops have come and gone, this system keep on trucking. All it needs is the additional memory.

    Thanks for the brain power and your time.
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