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Hi, I don't know much about TVS and connecting them so it may be obvious but we can not get our TV to work - we have connected the HDMI cable to the TV in the HDMI port. We have bought and connected an antenna as we don't have foxtel etc. The TV says no signal. We know that the HDMI replaces the audience and visual cables.... but where does the other end plug into? Many thanks!
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  1. Very simple.

    1. Components such as cable provider set up boxes, game consoles, blue ray players etc ----> HDMI.

    2. Terrestrial antenna ----> Coax. (then tell TV, via menu to switch to ANTENNA, then SCAN).

    *1 Components, for full surround effect should *really* be hooked up to a modern AV Receiver. Connected directly to TV, stereo only.
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    After you connect the antenna to the RF coax input you will need to set the TV for over the air ATSC rather can cable QAM.
    Then you will have to run a channel scan. The TV will not tune any channels not found in the scan. You can try orienting the antenna in different directions to see which position will give you the most channels.
    Unlike analog TV if a channel is not strong enough you will get no picture rather than a snowy bad picture.
    The HDMI cable is for other sources.
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