i5-6600 vs i7-7700K gaming performance

i wish everyone happy new year.

My question is does upgrading from i5-6600 to i7-7700K will improve significally fps in gaming?
My other components are 980ti STRIX OC, 32GB DDR4, samsung evo pro 850 and kingston hyperx fury 240gb.
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  1. Define significantly.

    In games that can use 8 threads, yes it will improve your FPS. Aren't that many games though.
    In games that don't support more than 4 threads the gains will be in no relation to a 350$ investment. We're talking about 10-12frames tops.
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    Yes an i7 will improve fps over an i5. In most cases an i5 would need a 400~500mhz advantage to pull even to an i7. Make sure your 100 series has the bios to support the 7700k first. Also know you have to run windows 10 with the 7700k.
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