is my hdd dying

my asus x553ma laptop hdd sometimes make noises and when today i run crystaldiskinfo software in my laptop it gave me caution error
rellocated sector count 16
current pending sector count 16
uncorrectable sector count 16

then i run wmic to get hdd status and it says ok so should i get my data backed up or my hdd will work fine for a few more months and i also installed hd tune pro and it gives airflow temperature failed so what should i do get it swapped it immediately or not worry about it
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  1. I would backup the important data ASAP, then download the specific HDD manufacturer test program -- such as WD Data Lifeguard for Windows, Seagate SeaTools, or whatever depending on the HDD brand and run the extended tests to determine the viability of the drive.

    Those SMART values are some of the more important in predicting failure.
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    Welcome to the community, @Karan_23!

    I totally agree with everything that @RealBeast mentioned. Back up all your important files from the HDD somewhere else immediately to avoid the potential data loss. Afterwards, it's save to proceed with the HDD testing. If the drive doesn't pass the tests properly from the brand-specific diagnostic tools, you should definitely check the warranty on your laptop (if the HDD was pre-installed). If the notebook is still covered, you should contact the manufacturer and let them know of this hardware error. You should be able to get the HDD replaced through the OEM customer support/repair services.

    Hope this helps you. Best of luck!
  3. thanks everyone backing up the hdd to an external hdd buying a ssd for the laptop from crucial
    update seagate sea tools showing smart test ok but still backed up all the data
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