Which motherboard should i buy for gaming?

Hey guys
I am going to build a gaming pc so i have decided to go with i7 6700 k and thinking of a good gaming motherboard that would be perfect for my setup. I am thinking of buying msi z170a m7 gaming mobo. I have seen the news of new kabylake and z270 mobos but i think there isnt any major changes in the processor or mobo that i should wait for their release. Please help and should i go with msi z170a m7 or some other company would be good?
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    You should start here for building a new computer and we'll help you find all the parts:

    In my personal opinion, all of your purchases should be to buy the best possible graphics card with the budget you have, up to a GTX 1070.

    For the motherboard, I'd go with an $80 ASRock:

    But you also should probably wait for AMD's Zen to drop:

    It's release date should be close and should drive down some of the top end CPU prices.
    Thought you already had a build.
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Thought you already had a build.
    Thanks Blackbird.
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