CPU average temp or peak temps?

So I'm running a GPU and CPU dual radiator loop and wondering what's everyone's thoughts on something.
After overclocking to 4.7 at 1.3v my system was more then stable and average temps are at 70ish, heck even to 4.9 with an error occasionally. But I tuned it down a bit to 4.5 since my max temp would spike in the 90's,
But my average temps would be in around mid 70's to low 80's at a 4.7 OC.
So tell me, should I be worried about max temp spikes, or average overall temp across the cores??
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  1. What CPU is this? Temps seem pretty high.
  2. It's an i7 6700k.
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    BlackBearded said:
    It's an i7 6700k.

    For that CPU with overclocking 80c is good, I would make sure it did not reach 90 even at the max temp. That is what you want to look at, not just the average. You want a working CPU over a few more % of speed. Killing your CPU with too much overclock and heat is probably not something you want to do to get a bit of extra speed from an already fast CPU at stock.
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