Is ADATA M.2 SSD good? Is it worth to buy?

Hello Everyone!

I'm planing to buy an SSD and I just found one with really good price. ADATA Premier Pro SP900 128GB M.2 2280 ASP900NS38-128GM-C for 55 euro.
What do you guys think about it? I don't really know ADATA. Is it reliable? I'm planning to buy two of this. One in my laptop, one in my PC.
On the other hand if I save more I could buy an EVO 850 250Gb for around 103 euro, but I don't really need 250 Gb I think. And the 120 Gb EVO is so expensive.
Here is a compare. (sorry I found only in hungarian.) [url= - link here -

***excuse my english :)
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    A-DATA are pretty reliable, and for the most part, their drives are not limited by TBW under warranty.
    I have no problems recommending them, if the price is right.

    As an FYI though, 120GB can fill up pretty fast, depending on your uses.
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