Connections cuts out every few minutes to every few hours for about 30 secs

First off i am terrible and know very little with networking. sorry in advance.
As i said befor my connection cuts out on me and only recently started happening. ill go through what happens.

So i can be surfing the web, playing a game, watching a video anything and my internet just cuts out, then the common yellow triangle with the ! point the the middle pops of saying i dont have a internet connection when i go over it, at first i did all the common fixes turning off and on the router/modem, resetting it etc.. that did not work so i tried windows diagnostics after about a minute of doing its thing it tell me that "Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration, i have never had this problem or heard it befor and it only has recently started happening.

i called my ISP they told me they will call back "they never did", now it does the same thing but befor the no connection symbol it give me a red circle with an x in it like if i am not even plugged into anything, it is completely random and i could have a stable connection for hours and sometimes it keeps cutting out every few minutes. i dont know if its my router/modem or its a problem on there end. also it is not just my pc which is directly connect to the router/modem, the wifi stops as well.

it wanted to see if any one here could help or give me an answer/second opinion to why this is happening and why it says "Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration, befor a call my ISP again.
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    Hi Donster84,

    Would you happen to be using a Wi-Fi connection to the router as your means to get internet access ?
    100% of the time you are using it.

    If so one of the simplest solutions to fix the random disconnections from the internet is to log into the router, to it`s setup menu system.

    You can do this through a web browser on your computer.

    Look on the router its self and it will give you the IP address of the router, and the default username and password used to enter the routers setup and menus.

    Simply go to the routers menu section that deals with the Wi-fi broadcasting speed. and lower the type or speed setting the router is sending a wi-fi signal at.

    For example if set to 300N set it to 150N ect.

    Apply the new settings in the router then exit the setup menu by logging out.

    Wait about 60 to 90 seconds as the router will have to reconfigure it`s self.

    Then restart your machine so windows has to reload.

    Test for a few hours to see if the problem of random disconnection from the internet is resolved ok Donster84.

    The cause is often a wi-fi adapter used on, or in a system where it is not 100% compatible with the speed of the wi-fi signal being broadcast by the router.

    By lowering the broadcast speed in the router it`s self it give you a more stable wi-fi connection compatibility.
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