Selling my computer for parts, taking out my HDD and SSD, questions about how I should go about this.

This is probably a pretty stupid question, but I am selling my gaming PC tomorrow, and was planning on removing the hard drive and the SSD and storing them for use in my next PC whenever that may be. I was wondering what the best way to store the two would be, and also if it is safe to just remove them from the motherboard. Will any residual data be left behind? Will this corrupt the mobo? WIll my HDD and SSD work? I just don't feel comfortable wiping and backing up them both, and I frankly do not have the time in my life right now to perform this safely and properly.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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  1. they should be fine, and you won't mess anything up by removing them, so long as you don't do it hamfisted and whatnot. Store them in a nice safe place, free from extremes in temperature and moisture.. if you have any antistatic bags around, wouldn't hurt to toss em in there as well
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    Removing the drives in no way will do any damage to the rest of your parts; assuming you power down the computer first (and I unplug it from power as well for safe measure).
    The antistatic bags are a good "just-in-case" if you have any, if you are storing in them in a room with hard surface (wood, tile, vinyl, etc) then it wont really be much of an issue.

    SSD is very durable and will survive most any condition you should have in a home.
    HDD is a little more delicate. Dont store it near any semi powerfull magnet (magnetic screw driver or metal screws is not a problem), and store it where it wont fall (or in something protective).
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