Frame drops and low GPU usage.

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I have been getting frame drops on games that shouldn't be hard for a gtx 980 to run such as CSGO, LOL, and Overwatch. When i play Them i drop frames around very second, from 60 to 50 then back to 60 and sometimes it just keeps dropping. The same effect happens when I ran Valley Benchmark and it also drops frames as in games. During the Valley Benchmark the vram usage would drop and go back up but would not stay at a steady rate as you can see in the second link. Also i can not even play youtube videos on 720p and above it just stuttersas in games only videos on 360p would play smooth.
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    Check your CPU/GPU temps. Maybe one of them or both are overheating thus throttling back their clocks.

    EDIT: Your CPU temp is way too high. It is definitely overheating and throttling back. Check your CPU cooler immediately and make sure that the fan is spinning.
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