Rx 480 8gb msi gaming x vs Gtx 1060 6gb palit jetstream

Guys,which graphics card do you recommend? Rx 480 8gb msi or Gtx 1060 6gb palit jetstream.

I can get the rx 480 msi 8gb gaming x for 255€
gtx 1060 palit jetsream for 279€

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  1. For that price difference go with the 480
  2. but if there wasnt no price difference you would go for gtx 1060?

    Isokolon said:
    For that price difference go with the 480
  3. Stock RX480 outperforms 1060 even on DX11 titles right now with latest drivers. I think AMD are calling their GCN driver advancement "Finewine" technology. hardly a technology, they're just still figuring out how to make it go

    There really isn't much in it but better DX12 support, 2gb extra vram and also cheaper. It's a no brainier to me.
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    it's like that: Some games are better optimized for AMD, other games are better optimized for NVIDIA
    at the same price it's a stalemate, difference is pretty close, in dx12/Vulcan the Rx480 is a bit better
    usually the 1060 is the better deal as all 1060s perform around the same while it pays to buy a more expensive Rx480

    that being said the MSI Gaming X is a really good Rx480 and if it's that much cheaper than a 1060 it's an absolute no brainer.
    if it was the other way around and the 1060 was 25$ cheaper it would be a tough choice, but like that...get the Rx480 before it's out of stock :D
  5. MSI rx 480 8gb gaming X
  6. Rx 480 is now performs than the gtx 1060 nowadays and you also get crossfire and freesync so I would 100% go with the rx480 even if they were the same price
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