HW monitor reading impossible voltages to GPU as current value?

Hello everyone normally I would brush this off but I've recently had some issues with my GPU and now I see this pop up so it's a little worrying.

Originally I decided to install the MSI Gaming App for my R9 390 to mess with the RGB lighting and put on the basic OC boost they provide since I am no OC professional and have plenty of cooling. After doing so I saw a 75% decrease in performance across all titles, I went from 100+ fps to 30fps max.

After uninstalling all the software, resetting my GPU to default speeds and setting and rebooting the PC my performance seems to return to its normal state, but in HW monitor my GPU VIN0 Voltage reads: 594436.313V as the current value. I am considering doing a factory reset after that whole MSI gaming app fiasco but would like to avoid it if possible. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
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  1. you should take the graphics card out and boot with yout motherboard graphics. then shut down and re install the card and see if that fixes the problem. works most of the times.
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    Did you unlock voltage monitoring with Afterburner? Did you change to OC mode using Gaming App?

    It is probably a mis-reading voltage wise, what are the other readings saying? Usually if a card has overclocking issues a system restart is the only way to reset it so that probably explains that, but there may be some software OC settings conflicting somewhere after you uninstalled the Gaming App.
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