FX 4350 Overclocking 5.5 GHz help

Does the FX 4350 require fewer volts to reach 5.5 GHz compared to the FX 8350 or FX 8370/9590?
I am planning to overclock the 4 core 4350 (no need to say it sucks, this is what i have sadly) to 5.5 GHz on my CM Nepton 280L in 4 fan push pull configuration.
Right now at 1.48750v LLC Medium@4.70 GHz I am running at 50°C Intel Burn Test stable 2 hours.

I have tried 1.50000v LLC High but it only reaches 4.80 GHz stable IBT 2h. Are there other settings other than VCore to increase for higher clocks?

Are the temperatures too high for my current voltage and cooler?

Is this chip a dud in overclocking? (taking too much voltage?)

Is 1.55000v LLC High/Extreme safe for the chip? What temperatures or voltages are safe?

Thank you in advance.
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  1. The simple answer is you will not get to 5.5Ghz on any processor (whether AMD or Intel) without specialist cooling....the sort you or I do not have access to, i.e liquid nitrogen. You should be happy getting 4.7Ghz....I can only reach 4.6Ghz on my FX-8350
  2. @Sinistercr0c This is a FX 4350 with half the number of cores. I have even seen some FX 8350 dies reach 5.0 to 5.1 GHz on 280mm AIO, surely my 4 core CPU can too?
  3. I am still unsure if 1.55-1.6V under 72°C is safe for 5 years, esp. the high voltage.
  4. Not every chip OC's the same. If you don't have they money for a new CPU then pushing the voltage to get 5.0Ghz stable is risky, you could kill it and then what are you going to do. 72c is high, ideally you want it under 65c
  5. Any settings on the ga990fxa ud3 for more stability?
  6. Update:
    Stability depends on the stress testing program, lack of voltage or instabilities can lower performance.
    1.584V LLC:80% 4.9 GHz
    NB: 12x, RAM: 8x, FSB 213
    1.644V LLC:80% 5.0 GHz
    NB: 14x, RAM:9.33x, FSB 204
    There is a FSB hole at 205-210. Requiring over 1.7V.
    1.704V LLC: 80% 5.2 GHz
    NB: 12x, RAM:8x, FSB 200
    Tried for the lolz. Maybe some degradation. Crap voltage sucker chip anyways.

    Went back to 5.0 GHz, realised only 1.596V was needed for stability on 20 High Linpack runs, got more gigaflops. More Cinebench points, 390-395 of them on FX 4350. Strange. More like my silicon got better. Weird.

    So I tried to go below 1.55V for 24/7, settled on the same 4.9 GHz preset, but this time with far fewer volts at 1.572V, and lower temperatures. Framerates were within 4-5 FPS of the 5.2 GHz on RX 480 from 70 downwards as expected.

    Can someone tell me what the is going on?
  7. It has been slightly more than a year since I posted this. It is against forum rules to necro post, but I feel it might be useful information for those who have been wondering about how much voltage should be used on FX CPUs.

    My FX 4350 has been running 1.632V VCore for over a year at 5.00 GHz, under daily heavy use. Though not a powerful CPU compared to those of Intel's offerings, it was powerful enough.

    It ran without BSODs or crashes for more than a year at 1.632V, no degradation is observed. For a long while people consider 1.55V to be the hard limit, but it seems that 1.62V is fine for daily usages on FX.

    Purpose: Manufacturer stated "absolute maximum voltages" have a certain safety margin. You may he fine pushing 1.50V through your 7700K or 1800X even though 1.45V is the recommended limit. There is negligible degradation even at those voltages.
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