How to make the game more gpu intensive rather cpu intensive

So i recently got a GTX 1050 TI and my cpu is really bad. Time to save up for a cpu! Till then, i noticed games such as GTA v and CSGo really underperform with this gpu. The cpu is bottlenecking me. So i was wondering if there is anyway to use more of my gpu and less of my cpu and get more frames. Ill update the thread later of how much % my gpu is using, most likely like 20%
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  1. What are the specs for your system (make/model of all components)?
  2. There isn't really, besides fiddling with the settings to get some frame improvements. Could also try setting the .exes to high priority and set the distance scaling down in GTAV. The point of a CPU bottleneck, means you can increase quite a lot of graphics settings with very minimal impact to your FPS, as your GPU still has headroom.
  3. Specs:
    A10-5800k cpu
    GTX 1050 TI
    8gb ram

    and oloro my cpu is so bad, on 800x600 lowest settings i get the same fps as 1080p maxed (no msaa)
  4. Understanding the hardware of the system in question will see what tweaks may be made, like possibly OCing the CPU, to eek out a bit more oompf.
  5. COLGeek said:
    Understanding the hardware of the system in question will see what tweaks may be made, like possibly OCing the CPU, to eek out a bit more oompf.

    I have stock cooler, so that might not be happening. The CPU sometimes pushes to 4.0GHZ if its maxing out. My GPU is OC'able, but i dont think that will help with a CPU game. Also what software should i use to check the GPU %? MSI afterburner is an option but which one?
  6. Your A10-5800k can be overclocked, but even with that, performance isn't going to improve greatly. Are you using the stock AMD CPU cooler than came with the A10? Or, an aftermarket heatsink/cooler?
  7. Seems we cross-messaged each other. What is the make/model of your PSU?
  8. Im 100% sure using the stock cooler. Built it my self, not the best CPU choice since it was a barebone kit. And the psu is thermaltake 500 WATT TR2. Heres the page
  9. The best you can do is research which settings tax the CPU and reduce those. Meanwhile, you can raise the settings that tax the GPU. I know that in most games as you raise the view distance you increase workload on the CPU. So in an open world game, try lowering the view distance.
  10. For most games, graphical settings do not effect the CPU demand by much if at all. Things that will are view distance/clipping plane, number of light sources, physics and I recall WoW using the CPU with shadow quality a long while back.

    You might want to go the other way with this. Rather than lightening the load on the CPU, which might not be possible, you can increase the load on the GPU, so at least you get some visual improvements out of it.
  11. Yeah ik no matter what settings i reduce i will still get bottleneck. Right now im playing GTA at maxed out settings and getting the same exact fps i would if i played on lowest 800x600 (or atleast close)
  12. Overclock the CPU, or upgrade it.
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    RobCrezz said:
    Overclock the CPU, or upgrade it.

    I agree the RobCrezz here, just OC the APU. Even if using the stock AMD heatsink, you should be able to bump it up a bit and cause no harm. It won't make your rig a lot faster, but every little bit helps.

    I would recommend that you game at your display's native resolution (1080p right?). This will allow the GPU to be more efficient in performing it's functions.

    Another thing to consider is reducing the APU(CPU) load. Stop any non-essential apps/services when gaming to free up processing cycles.
  14. I will try to upgrade my cpu later on. My cpu is actually worth quite worth something, so i could buy a new cpu and sell this one and save alot of money.
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