PC randomly shuts down after installing new GPU

Two days after installing a new GPU (RX 470 4gb), my computer randomly shut down while I was playing League of Legends. Temperatures never go below 55 degrees when playing that game. I don't understand what happened. I have a 3 year old 460W PSU from Delta. Is that the problem? I've never touched a PSU before but it felt kind of hot after the computer shut down. Now I'm touching it again and it's nice and cool. Should I return the card? I don't want to take any more risks.

On top of that, I also have some other problems that appeared ever since I installed the GPU. Mouse stutters from time to time even in the desktop, electrical noises in my headphones, AMD control panel crashing... I don't know if it's faulty drivers and I should do a clean install or if my PSU can't take it.

RX 470 4gb
16gb RAM
75hz monitor (overclocked from 60)
460W PSU Delta Electronics
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    it depends on your exact PSU.

    so far I've found 2 460W Delta PSUs.

    one has 2 12V rails which should provide enough power
    the other one has 3 12V rails

    if your PSU has 3 12V rails, 1 is rated for 16A, 1 for 15A, 1 for 8A
    if your GPU or CPU is plugged into the 8A-12V rail it doesn't get enough power.

    of course it could just be failing as well.
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