How come I can't see my 2nd hard drive?

Hello I have a h81 motherboard from asrock. My main drive is an ssd and I want to use as the second storage is the hard drive of my last computer a 1tb hdd.

When I booted up my pc I didn't see the 1tb drive on the file explorer. So, I did a bit of research and i'm not so sure if the one I tried is right.

The tutorials i'm following said that I have to make a disk partition (I don't know how). They said I need to format the drive. But, my problem is I can't see the drive in the disk management. All I see in the disk management is my ssd and a system reserved.

I'm 100% sure the drive is working. It even got an os installed in it when I use it as the main drive. I can see the drive too at the option Boot 2 when I use my ssd as the Boot 1.

Can anyone help me? I just want to get the files on the hard drive...
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  1. Just so that we're all on the same page, please show us a screencap of your Disk Management window.
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    Your second drive needs to be seen by the bios or uefi
    Then in windows device manager
    Then in disk management
    In disk management the partitions must exist, the drives formatted

    then drive letters need to be allocated

    If not seen in bios check that the power and data sata connectors are correctly plugged in
    Also check the sata port used is enabled in the bios or uefi

    Sometimes additional controllers can be disabled or individual sata ports can be disabled

    Mike Barnes
  3. I solved it. I decided to boot first on the hdd then saw my ssd on the file explorer. After that I boot again from my ssd. Now I can see my hdd on my file explorer. Weird.
  4. USAFret dude happy holidays and thanks for always helping me out!
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