GTX 1070, i5 6600k or GTX1070 i7 6700k

Hello guys!
So I have some questions:
1. Should I get the i5 6600k or the i7 6700k just for gaming ( I mainly play CSGO, GTA V, Rainbow 6 Siege, Mafia 3 etc.)?
2. Will the i5 6600k bottleneck the GTX1070?
Also, I have a 1080p monitor 144hz but I'm planning to upgrade to a 1080p 240hz monitor.

Thanks for your attention.
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    For the games you listed the i7 won't show any improvements. These games don't use more than 4 threads.
  2. Only game I've seen so far that people had problems with an i5 is BF1. I agree with Isokolon.
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