Getting new CPU and Cooler, need Overclocking advice

Hi, First time poster here!

I have recently purchased an AMD FX-8300 (Upgrade to my FX-6300) and a Corsair H100i V2(upgrade to my stock cooler.)

My question is, what is a good speed to OC my new cpu to? I am going to be mostly gaming, I also use more powerful programs(Photoshop for example) I'm getting help with doing the overclocking through my pc's bios, just wondering what would be the best speed for me(or what the max I could do safely is)

Thanks for the help!
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    you can google things like avg clocks/voltage that can be reach with yours (stepping??).
    but almost no 2 cpus are the same.
    mainly try to go with the highest clocks you can get, without adding (lots of) voltage (more heat).

    i could do 4.4 on my 3770k without added V, but needed almost the max allowed for that cpu to boot above 4.7.
    so running at 4.4, maybe 4.5-4.6 (and little V added) would make more sense than trying to go for max clock.

    i havent done any tweaking on amd lately, so i would look into fx ocing guides from places like guru3d/tomshardware/

    something short, to get an idea.:
    might have possibly missed something, your mileage may vary, and no guarantee you wont fry your hardware ;-)

    make sure you have the newest bios.
    make sure you have a good psu, and its not too old.
    dl prime95 and something like aida64 to monitor temps/volt.
    get trueimage (acronis. trial will do) and do a full image of OS to another drive, so you can restore it in case it gets messed up (rare).
    disconnect all drives/things not needed, just to be safe.
    reboot and load bios defaults. save. reboot. "optimize" bios to match your use/hardware.
    e.g. turn on ahci/fan control/on board features etc.
    set all entries for cpu/ram/chip/vrm/tdp/temp (clocks/volt) to reg/norm and auto if you dont know the meaning of it.
    avoid having to use auto as entry (clocks/volt), since it will sometimes allow for mild automatic oc, manufacturers use it to gain points when boards get reviewed.

    boot win and run prime95 (make sure all cores 100%) for 24h (nothing else, dont use pc if possible) to make sure stock/baseline settings are actually stable.
    if not, try to get it stable before starting with oc.

    raise multi on cpu and see how high you can get and it still boots, then run prime95.
    if it stops within a few min, add voltage. less than 30min before it stops, and most likely caused by different max clocks for the different cores.
    run prime95.
    after you found the max clock you can get, save as profile/write down settings...
    i do run a full memtest86/86+, to make sure oc didnt affect ram stability.
  2. i would see if you can run all cores at 4.4-4.6 maybe around 4.7-4.8.
    above that, might need voltage the h100 will only do with lots of noise, and not too common, as the 9590 is already running at 4.7
    but then again, you could get lucky with a nice 5ghz chip ;-)
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