V-core voltage in BIOS wont apply in Windows (CPU-Z) - Heritage overclocking i5 - 2500K

Hello. After many years of great service I decided to try to overclock my old i5-2500K a little bit. To get some better performance in heavy cpu games which I play. Although this is my first overclocking I read a lot of articles and forums etc. So I think that I'm well prepared. But I've encountered weird problem with my v-core voltage. I was able to hit the 4.1GHZ with the stock voltage 1,260 and wanted to go little bit higher I put there 1,270 and 4,2 GHZ I got BSOD during prime 95 test and very quickly when I loaded P3D game. I checked my BIOS and it says 1,270 then I turned on CPU-Z and it shows constantly 1,260 and sometimes it drops to 1,248. I tried different higher numbers and it lets me set them in BIOS but it wont shows in CPU-Z and I would like to set them higher. I know that my MB is capable of doing it when I let the voltage on auto it was hitting 1,336 all the time..

This is my MoBo

So does anyone know what to do? What can I do to have that voltage from BIOS applied for real?

Simply said voltage set in BIOS wont apply to "Windows" settings. Everything which is over 1,260 which is stock voltage is not set for real. On AUTO it runs over 1,336v.

C3, C6 States-DISABLED
CPU Thermal Monitor-DISABLED
Turboboost - DISABLED
Internal PLL CPU overvoltage - DISABLED

Thank you.
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  1. Problem is like this in Windows I have 1,260V or 1,272V but in every game it drops. So which BIOS setting drops the voltage when cpu is running high? I have it in GTA V 1,248v only.
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