Attempting AMD A10 7850k Dual Graphics with R7 250 2gb GPU with lots of issues

My GPU came in today (AMD R7 250 2gb). I first tried to do dual graphics, but that was not working. My setup on the AMD A10 7850k (by using the integrated) supported two 21:9 monitors (using HDMI and DVI), but now one monitor is limited to 1920x1080. I am not sure why these issues were occuring. Since I could not get dual graphics to work, I tried disabling integrated in BIOS and just went with the r7 250 2gb and I got the exact same results. I have done my fair share of installs and uninstalls of drivers but nothing is really seeming to work for me. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. have you made sure the monitor is using the right profile ? sometimes when it isnt, some resolution would get limited

    also is that second screen connected by DVI? because from an article i found this "an LCD TV using a single-link DVI connector can display a maximum resolution of 1920×1200 meanwhile dual-link’s maximum for that same screen is 2560×1600"
    have you make sure your cable is the dual link DVI ? or the gpu is capable of dual link?
    some cheap dvi-hdmi converter advertising as dual link is actually single link

    for reference
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