I want to Overclock my CPU i7 3770 3.40 GHZ but there are hardly any settings for overclocking in Intel Extreme tuning utility

Please Reply if you know how to get more options for overclocking
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  1. Well The i7 3770 Is A Non K Series Cpu Which Can Not Be Overclocked Thats Why U Cant Find Anything :(

    For Oc U need A K Series Cpu With Z Series Mobo
  2. It's possible to overclock only with certain motherboards though, just a bit frustrating to get it to work, requires bios downgrades etc not worth it IMO just stay with stock speeds.
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    The Other Mobo Got No Overclock Capability Or Its Very Little .
    Also As I Said U cant Overclock A Non K series Mobo
    U can Overclock i7 3770K
    But U Cant Overclock i7 3770

    The Only Advantage Which i5 And i7 Series Non K Got Is Turbo boost Which Gives U A Little better Performance under Heavy Processing :)

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