Recovery Partition inbetween data and unallocated space - how to move it out of the way?

Hey! Ive found out recently that my new hard drive (got for Christmas) seems to have a weird 237gb of unallocated space between a recovery partition and my data partition. I want to combine my D: partition with that unallocated space, but the recovery partition is getting in the way.

Picture from disk management:

This hard drive has nothing on it so far, so recovering/backing up data is not an issue.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Edit - that was for windows 7, this may be more helpful.
  2. If that is an add on drive, then you should be able to just delete those other two partitions and use all the space. However, I do not know if Windows will extend the partition in that direction. You may need to copy the data off that drive an onto a separate USB drive in order to wipe all the partitions and recreate a single partition across the entire drive.
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    You say there's no data on that 1 TB HDD. If that's the case why don't you just delete the partitions and format the drive in Disk Management. Better yet, use Diskpart to invoke the "clean" command to empty the disk of all data. Then you can start over using Disk Management to initialize, partition, and format the drive. If you don't know how to use the Diskpart utility do a Google search on "using the Clean command in Diskpart". You should learn about using this valuable tool for future reference if you don't already know how to.
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