Installed a new SSD, now my computer randomly freezes and makes a noise.

I recently installed a Samsung SSD, now randomly my computer will freeze for about 3 seconds, and I will hear a buzzing/whining noise coming from my tower. This never happened before I installed the SSD. I NEED HELP!
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    Hey there, Leafer.

    This noise is probably coming from a fan or an HDD. SSDs don't have any mechanical parts and don't emit any noises. However, the freezing could be a sign of a bad drive or a faulty port or cables. So I'd recommend that you check the SSD for errors via a diagnostic tool and see if anything alarming pop-s up. You should also try it out with a different SATA port and cables, or even better - with a different computer if you have that option.
    If you have other drives connected to the computer's mobo, go ahead and backup their data and test them as well (preferably with their manufacturers' diagnostic tools).

    Hope that helps. Please let me know how it goes.
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