HDD/SSD/Optical Drive not detected through SATA ports, 2nd motherboard in a row to have this problem.

I had a pre built desktop from dell for the longest time that i would swap parts out of and use the case. I decided to get a new case, motherboard and SSD.
after getting all of them i set down with a MSI Z97S Krait SLI Edition, a crucial 2.5 275gb SSD, and a brand new Thermaltake View 27.
After installing the motherboard with my intel i7 4770k, as well as my sound card, 2tb seagate HDD, and my ASUS STRIX 980ti, i connected it all to my corsair ax860 that was previously in my old computer case (as well as my GPU, CPU, and HDD).
I booted it up and it worked until i got to the BIOS to flash a new version and install win 10, where i saw that my SATA drives (which at the time where my 2tb HDD, and my 275gb SSD) where not being detected.
I tried all 6 SATA ports, and 3 different SATA cables on my HDD, Optical Drive, and my SSD, as well as 3 different SATA power cables from my PSU to no avail.
After trying all of that, i refunded the Z97S motherboard, and got a ASUS Z97-A motherboard. After installing it and having it boot up fine, i found that the same exact problem has happened in which none of my three drives worked when plugged up through any of the now 5 SATA cables i have, or any of the 6 SATA ports on my motherboard.

at this point i think that maybe i mishandled my Optical Drive, HDD,and SSD to a point where all three are now dead, but that is highly unlikely as i am quite careful with my computer parts when they are out of the case.

i have now stripped my case down to the bare minimum and built it back up 3 times now and have had the same end result. No detection on any thing that has to go through a SATA port. i know it is not my PSU as i powers my 4 fans, motherboard, Graphics card, and Sound Card when they are installed.

so below is my current setup:

Motherboard: ASUS Z97-A

CPU: i7 4770K 3.4ghz (ThermatTake Frio 12 Heatsink)

x2 Patriot Viper 4gb Ram Sticks

x4 ThermalTake Riing Red LED fans

PSU: Corsair AX860

GPU: ASUS STRIX 980ti (not installed)

Optical Drive: (Not entirely sure what model, but a Dell Branded Optical Drive)

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD

SSD: Crucial 2.5" SSD

At this point im not even sure what to do, i am going to try flashing a newer version of the BIOS to see if that works, but im going to have my SSD and HDD checked soon to see if they are dead.

Any suggestions would be wholly appreciated as me and a few others that have tried to help my with this build are completely baffled by this seemingly unbeatable problem.
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  1. There's a strong case for building a PC outside the case and only reassemble it inside the case after you've seen the BIOS screen for the first time.

    Take it all out of the case and rebuild it with the motherboard sitting on a piece of cardboard or a newspaper.
  2. I built the motherboard up on top of a static resistant bag and on top of a tile floor (all three times)
  3. *EDIT: So i have figured out the problem after using an extra hard drive a had. After plugging it up with my SATA power cable that ran from my Corsair AX860, I turned on my system to the immediate small of smoke, i looked down to see a tiny bit coming up for the connector of the hard drive and my PSU. At this point i have gone through 2 HDD's, my SSD and my Optical drive to find out that i was sold a faulty PSU.
  4. That's a bummer. Hopefully the shop which sold it will look favourably on a free hard disk along with a replacement PSU. A reputable business would do so.
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