Newly built PC randomly shut down after first hour of use and I can't power back on

I just built my first pc and everything seemed to be going fine. I downloaded the drivers for my motherboard and graphics card and everything seemed to be working great! I downloaded League of Legends and had just loaded into the game with about 250 constant fps and after a little over a minute my entire PC shut down. The power switch did not work so I unplugged my power supply and let it rest for a couple minutes and tried again. Here - the power supply was sending power to the graphics card and motherboard and I know due to them lighting up. But when I try to actually turn my pc on I am getting nothing. I have tried resetting my power button inputs and all. If anyone could help id appreciate it, asap!

My specs are:
Z170 - HD3 Ultra Durable Motherboard
- Asus Strix GeForce GTX 1070
-WD 1 TB Internal Hard drive
- Corsair CX650M Power Supply
- 16GB Ballistix DDR4 RAM
- Corsair Spec Alpha Case
- Intel I5 processor
Thank you!
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    Electronic failures are most common in the first few hours of use, called early life failures.

    Common debugging is to remove parts until the PC goes through POST, then add parts back in until it fails again, then replace the last part you added. This is described a lot better in the sticky and in the breadboarding discussion linked from the sticky:

    If you get down to only MB, CPU, CPU fan and power supply and the PC still won't boot and give you a "no memory" code then one of those components is the problem (MB, CPU or PSU). No way to tell which one, so hopefully you have a spare to swap in. It's rarely the CPU.

    Note: you cannot rule out power supply failure from some of the lights/fans working. Wish it were that easy. Good luck. Nice build.
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