First ever pc build Just need help picking the right parts.

I just made this pc build on pcpicker (with some help from people on the forums)

Im thinking of changing the 1060, with a r9 fury and replacing the i7 with a xeon 1231v3

is that a good idea :D?

(im mainly using this to edit/play bo2/minecraft/csgo/bo3/ other games.
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  1. Neither of those tasks demand components nearly as powerful. Are you looking to get newer games? What does "other games" mean? Edit as in edit videos?
  2. The Gigabyte motherboard you selected does not support the xeon 1231v3 CPU so you would also have to choose another motherboard and verify that the chosen motherboard supports the other components you chose.
  3. Im just going to play minecraft/bo2/bo3/mw3/mw2/gtaV/. By editing i mean editing videos with 3D and lots and lots of effects, stuff like that. Im thinking off getting the xeon, i need a cpu that can render a video/picture fast.
  4. While the Xeon would be $50 cheaper, the i7 6700k has superior performance increase, and that's at stock speeds (let alone OCing)

    I'd get the 6700k, also would be nice for GTA 5.

    With that aside, how much are you getting the R9 fury for? If it's above $300 I probably wouldn't take it over a $250 1060
  5. Sure, but I'd hurry. Sale ends in 3 days it says.
  6. Ok so im going to buy this

    Thanks for the help btw should i get a 700w power supply?
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    That psu needs to go. It's below what most would call mediocre in quality and ability,nevermind longevity. Here's the skinny on psus, the '00's' suck. Stick to psus that are '50's'. You'll want a 750w if anything, I'd recommend the Evga 750 B2. If you want to skimp on wattage, the Corsair CX650-M is good, as are any of the XFX (not XT series) or the Evga 650 GS or G2 or any Seasonic.

    Don't skimp on a quality psu simply because of price. You'll end up paying more for replacements, repairs, time and aggravation fixing errors and run the risk of having a useless pc when RMA is the case.
  8. 700W is overkill. If you overclocked the CPU you probably wouldn't draw more than 550 easy
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