Bios won't detect hard drive on Hp Pavilion a445c

Old HP Desktop Bios wont detect hard drive but the live ubuntu disk detects and reads the drive fine and the drives SMART Diagnostics reads OK. I booted into the Bios and the drive is not listed . It has a auto detect feature, I tried that and it scanned for but did not detect the hard drive but did show the DVD drives. Its A Hp Pavilion a445c Tower desktop currently running Ubuntu Mate 14 Lts.
I thought it might be an issue with the bios battery but the time and date are correct even though this unit was stored for some time. If any has any thoughts or suggestions I would appreciate it.
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    Hi there Webmaster2017,

    You can go to your MOBO's website and see if the drivers are up to date. Also, you can consider updating BIOS.

    Other things you can try:
    - Clearing CMOS.
    - Just try another SATA port, that is on another controller perhaps. (if available)

    D_Know_WD :)
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