Is a M.2 SSD Worth It?

So atm I have a SanDisk SSD 500w and 500r. I noticed that this m.2 SSD was on sale for quite a lot cheaper and was looking at it a while back. My MB has an m.2 socket but if I was to get this would there be any more performance benefit from the higher read and write speeds for eg loading os times or games or even anything else, thanks :)
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    for average home use, the difference between good SATA (or M.2 SATA) SSD and NVMe (M.2) SSD is next to none.
    On my system with M.2 SATA (540MB/s) windows boots in ~5 seconds. file operations are extremely fast, programs launching almost instantly and games load time is very fast.
    I have a macbook pro with 3 times faster SSD and can't say I "feel" the difference. Only when it comes to running multiple VMs with intensive I/O
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