Which version of the GTX 1060 is the best one?

There are so many different versions of GTX 1060 so i am confused.

I would like to buy it from my country (Finland) and it has to be 6GB model. I have 550w power supply.

I've been thinking about this one:
or this one:

What do you think of those, is there any better version?
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    They are honestly pretty much the same. The Gigabyte is a bit longer, but that's it. They both check out with the same boost clock, CUDA cores, and are both 192-bit. At this point, it goes by warranty and price. I honestly, prefer Gigabyte products, but I have a EVGA 1060 (it was cheaper). Not to the Gigabyte has one more DisplayPort.
  2. Out of the two (Asus and Gigabyte), they're both good but the Gigabyte G1 is a little more silent I believe, and also slightly higher clocked out of the box. It requires an 8-pin connector.
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