pc restart after changing cpu fan!

Hello everyone, i just installed a new fan for my i7 4790 and the pc restarts when i push it on benchmarks like 3D Mark or Sometimes at playing games. I thought maybe i tightened the fun too much so i loosened it a bit and still the same happens!

What may cause this problem! Thanks.
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  1. Just the fan or the entire heatsink? My guess is that it is overheating. So one of two things is probably happening:

    1. The fan you installed is not keeping up under full load and the processor is overheating.

    2. You disturbed the thermal compound and it needs redone. This means the heatsink needs to be completely removed, all the old thermal compound cleaned, and replaced. The heatsink reinstalled.

    I doubt you actually damaged anything as the CPU does seem to work. If you damaged something it would be unlikely that it would work at all. So you can relax there.
  2. I changed the whole cpu heatsink, and i re applied the thermal paste but it seems its doing the same thing, i don't think it's overheating
  3. Well actually this seems like another issue, i think maybe it's the PSU, i don't know if it's a coincidence to happen with CPU Fan change, but i suspect the GPU or PSU, i tried removing the GPU and run some benchmark tests and it worked fine, so i don't know which one could be the cause of the issue!
  4. It maybe helpful here to start stress testing things independently. Do you have a motherboard program that shows you voltages and temps? If not you may try something like Speed fan to watch the voltages and see if you have anything going on while stress testing. So I would start with the CPU without the GPU:

    1. After removing the GPU will it pass a stress test like Prime95 or Intel Burn? If using Prime95, remember since you are using an Intel chip you should use version 26.6. The newer versions will create a lot more heat than normal. Under normal circumstances I would use newer versions anyways, but not in this instance.

    2. Don't forget the memory, will it pass memtest? Normally if it will run prime95, the RAM is good anyways, but doesn't hurt to run memtest anyways.

    3. Finally to try and stress the GPU without stressing the CPU too much at the same time you can use FurMark.

    I'd try and look for fluctuations in voltages during these tests. You will tend to have small ones, but you should have anything crazy.

    What hardware do you have? What PSU?
  5. I have Core i7 4790, 16GB DDR3 Kingston Ram, MSI RX 480 4GB, Corsair CS550M Gold, and MOBO Asus H97 Pro Gamer

    Well i tried running cinebench and 3DMark without the GPU and it worked fine, ti slow ofcourse but it passed, when i put back the GPU it didn't complete the any test

    I saw many forums with same problem and like 99℅ of them is PSU issue so I'm returning my PSU hoping it's the problem, if not I'll return the GPU

    Note i got both of them on black Friday so they are lile used for juat one month
  6. Well hopefully it's that's simple. Not that it's simple, but hopefully you don't have to return anything else.
  7. Well I got my new PSU but the problem still the same, i reinstalled Windows but nothing new, so i believe this problem should be the GPU coz when i remove and run all kind of tests it runs fine, hope this time i'm right and nothing else is actually ruined
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