Cannot find 5Ghz network after fresh install of windows 10 on new ssd

So i did a fresh install of Windows 10 to my new ssd. Everything wen't perfect, and i apparently don't need to install any drivers for my wifi adapter (Asus PCE AC56 Ac1300) because they are already included. Then, i cannot find my 5ghz network anymore, and my other networks are slower than before. When i plug the old hdd back i am able to find the 5ghz network at the same old speed. How do i fix this issue? How can i detect the 5Ghz network on my new ssd?
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    Windows drivers are generic. Kinda like you can always get VGA display at 800x600 resolution. If you want better, you'll need to install the amd/nvidia drivers. Same applies. You've got generic WiFi drivers for the lan, you need component specific drivers to get advanced options. Install the drivers (plus any manufacturer uodates) for the WiFi and/or Lan.
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