how to install a half mini PCI-E wifi card into the PCI-e x1 slot of a motherboard and use it?

hi i just salvaged this mini pcie card from my sister's old laptop:
i wan to use it with a ASRock B150M-PRO4/Hyper motherboard. how do i do it?
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  1. This is the kind of thing you'll need.
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  3. Calvin7 said:

    Dear Calvin, This quoted board will work fine, however you wlll need an antenna solution.

    You can buy another card just like this on ebay or amazon etc. and it will have either 2 or 3 antennas.

    For a while there were mini pci-e network cards that had 3 antenna connections, if you loook at the card you have you will see either 2 or 3 small round circular connectors.

    These are u.fl these are very small push on right angle connectors.

    So here are some options use the card and buy a pair of laptop internal antennas. They will be small squares or rectangles have a thin wire lead and these push on connectors. If your computer case is all metal you will need to hide these inside the plastic front bezel of your pc.

    another option is to buy a card that has the 2 antennas mounted on the metal bracket edge already

    Yet another is to buy a mini pci-e card to pci-e adapter that has to short wires to plug into your antenna connections then leaves you 2 conenctors called SMA on the metal bracket this allows usage of an antenn you can mount at a distance from your case keeping it from being smashed against the wall and giving a better signal reception path and allowing usage of better hi gain antennas.
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