Doom 2016 specific places caused fps drops

Hello Merry Christmas everyone :)
I just installed Doom 2016 and im really excited and at the first part it was running good with constant fps but whenever I face the monitor on the first part after you suit up my fps goes down to 19 fps but if I get far away from it I get 50+ fps I set everything low to check maybe its my hardware but it still gets fps drop so can anyone please help me?

My specs:
Intel i3 6100
AMD RX 460 (2GB)
Windows 10 pro
500w PSU
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  1. Specific places consumes more resources than others... 2 Gbs of Vram this days are meaningless and doom 2016 is a very demanding game... While your processor and your GPU is getting very demanded on AAA games... You should or upgrade your graphic cards or lower your Doom 2016 graphics
  2. Or at least get some more RAM, so the GPU can tap into it, should be the cheapest solution.
  3. Are you running on vulkan or openGL?
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    Looks like the card is running out of memory, as has been said, 2Gb isn't that much these days.
    First change would be to switch over to the Vulkan option, just be aware you'll need to set the AA options to TSSAA 8X for maximum benefit.
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