What do you think about this build???

Ok so it cost 808€ on a german amazon.
Mobo: asus h97 pkus
Cpu: i5 4460
Gpu: msi 1050 ti (the black and white one i think it is called armored)
Psu: corsair cx 500w
Hdd: wd blue 1tb
Ram: 8gb hyperx fury
Monitor: asus vs247hr

What do you thinkand would you change anyting?
I am looking to play games as csgo and maybe record it (if possible) and battle field bad company 2
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  1. - PSU is low grade. Get a XFX (except the XT or Ts430), Super Flower or Seasonic unit. They'll run. For this build, the next one and maybe even the one after that.
    - there's no reason not to go with an i5-6500 + a B150 board & ddr4 ram in 2017. Price difference is almost non existent.
  2. looks clean. maybe a bit better psu for future upgrading but for the rest looks nice. do you already have a windows key?
    XFX 550W.

    XFX 450W.
  4. Is this a prebuild ???
  5. Not the best psu, far from it actually, but if that's all you have to work with it'll do. Barely. It's not the size, it's the reliability. Look to replace it within 1-2 years at best. Corsair Vengeance would be better as well as the xfx mentioned (not XT) or Evga 2 series. SuperFlower golden green or leadex, anything Seasonic, Antec HCG/M
  6. No not a prebuild and i switched it for the xfx that blackbird sugested
  7. I didnt buy a windows key yet since im a student i can get for free
  8. Amd the 6500 is 45€ more expensive it may not be a lot for you but its a lot for me and the 4460 is a big upgrade from my shittie laptop
  9. Yeah Well if it's 65€ more that's a point. Difference used to be smaller.
  10. just a quick question so is the xfx 550 better than the corsair cx550m?
  11. It's more durable.
    Comes down to personal taste.

    I prefer the XFX but the CXM is an alright unit when on a budget as well and the semi-modularity is a nice feature to have.
  12. Psus are like chocolate. If you want to enjoy it, you'll pay a little more for the satisfaction of Cadbury or Hersheys, it's honestly not worth the price to buy that uber cheap Palmer crap that tastes like used wax that ppl pass off as chocolate at Easter. The xfx and cx-m are both very good psus that are reliable performers with excellent quality and outputs, but preference is personal. Either is far preferable to that Palmer unit you chose before.
  13. Soo im just confused the xfx is in tier 2 and the coesair in tier 4 and they are the same quality? I really dont eaven know any more.
  14. The corsair cx550m is not in the tier list mate (that list has not been updated for an age)

    The ones in tier 4 are the old 2012 430/500/600 watt models.

    The new ones are 450/550/650 (all in multiples of +50w) watt models & are much better
  15. Soo my friend has a pc dor 22 years and wants to sell it to me for 730€ and it has a cxm600w psu ia that any good
  16. You would have to post the full specs of that pc for an answer mate.
    The cx600 wouldn't be a major concern if its not been constantly pushed to 90&100% usage - they're not as bad as some people make out , just not worth buying when there are far far better models available for the same money now.

    You mean 2 years ?? €730 sounds a lot unless it has some real high end components in.
  17. The Cx600M is a pretty bad unit.
    Not particularly dangerous but often dies after 2-3 years or gives you some serious issues

    As for the system, for 730€ your friend must have spend at least 1500€ on his build when he bought it.
  18. Cpu: i5 4590
    Gpu: gtx 970
    Mobo: asus h97 plus
    Ssd 120gb 750 evo
    Hdd: wd 1tb black
    A 40$ sound card
  19. €730 is too much , that's about what its worth new.
  20. Where i live it costs 900 +80€ shipping
  21. Cpu 220€
    Gpu 300€
    Mobo 120€
    Psu 60€
    Ssd 90€
    Hdd 80€
    40€ sound card and 80€ shipping
  22. Yes but

    A i5 6500 costs the same
    A b150/h110 motherboard is €60
    A RX 470 (matches the 970) is €200
    A rx480 4gb or 1060 3gb (both beat the 970) are €230-240
    You can get a 240gb ssd for less than €90ÅMÅZÕÑ&qid=1483348410&sr=8-2&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=mx300&dpPl=1&dpID=51Hqg6dEuvL&ref=plSrch

    A corsair cx450m (better PSU than the cx600) is only €50

    You don't need a sound card.

    €600 would be a fair price (especially from a friend) assuming its a fully built working system.
    €730 is too much.
  23. EXQNGaming said:
    Where i live it costs 900 +80€ shipping

    still not worth it.

    for 900 bucks you can get a far better setup.

    if it's 900 where you live and is 2 years old

    Cpu: i5 4590 -- new: 200€ -- it's used and a generation old, maybe 100€
    Gpu: gtx 970 -- new:250-300€ but seriously outperformed by the 1060 for the same money -- anymore than 175€ would be throwing money away
    Psu:cx600m -- new:65-70€ (and not worth that much) -- used maybe 20-30€ TOPS
    Mobo: asus h97 plus -- new: 80-100€ -- used maybe 40€
    Ssd 120gb 750 evo -- new: 60€ -- wouldn't spend more than 20€ on it especially if you don't know how much more you can put on it
    Hdd: wd 1tb black -- new: 80€ -- 25€ used
    A 40$ sound card -- new: 40€ -- let's be generous and give him 30€ for it
    calculated with German prices you can get these parts new for 850€ tops, used I wouldn't spend more than 400€ on it, maybe 450 because he's a friend, buying from a stranger 350€ would be my target to settle upon.
  24. Uhhhh idk guys i really dont know anymore -.-
  25. Costs 880€ plsu 60-80€ in shipping
  26. EXQNGaming said:
    Costs 880€ plsu 60-80€ in shipping

    yeah if you buy it from Amazon.
    which isn't a great idea when buying from Germany.

    where are you from, mate?
  27. ^ yes but all new

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

    CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor (€220.00)
    Motherboard: MSI H110M PRO-VD PLUS Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard (€62.90 @ Amazon Deutschland)
    Memory: PNY Anarchy 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-2400 Memory (€53.01 @ Amazon Deutschland)
    Storage: Crucial MX300 275GB 2.5" Solid State Drive (€87.74 @ Amazon Deutschland)
    Storage: Toshiba 3TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive (€52.00)
    Video Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 3GB 3GB Windforce OC Video Card (€227.90 @ Amazon Deutschland)
    Case: Zalman R1 ATX Mid Tower Case (€43.55 @ Amazon Deutschland)
    Power Supply: Corsair CXM 450W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply (€52.00)
    Total: €799.10
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-01-02 10:45 CET+0100

    A 2 year old used system should be sold for a minimum 30-40% of what it cost 2 years ago
  28. It costs 1000€ with the monitor
  29. Isoklon im from slovenia
  30. Ok so i will probably do it like this i will buy these e things off of a slovenian store and the other from amazon. The pc is 850$+120€ for the nonitor
  31. That setup for €730 euro was it a fully built working system in the case ??
    With or without a monitor ??

    If it was just the prebuild tower then from what you've posted above you're only spending €120 more for a brand new system (probably slightly more powerful) with all new components & 2-5 year warranties.

    That I think is what me & Isokolon were pushing at , that €120 difference is not enough whenbyou take into accounts that parts are 2 years old with little nor no warranty.
  32. Hes got a 4690 in there and he includes a 8 year old monitor
  33. But i see your point 150 extra € and i get a 2 year qarranty for all the parts
  34. Oh how big of a difference do you think is betwren the asus 1060 3gb and msi gami gx 1060 3gbsince it is 30€ more
  35. literally no difference.
  36. ^ yup what he said - none at all.
  37. Out of the box, almost none at all, the MSI has slightly higher clocks, so maybe 2fps. The difference comes in OC ability, the MSI has more, so whereas you might top out the Asus with an additional 4 fps, you could maybe get a total 8fps out of the MSI. Might or might not make a difference.
  38. Sooo get the asus :)
  39. 550w would be enough for the i5 6600 h170 asrock gtx 1060 3gb 8gb ddr 4?
  40. Easily. 450W would be enough.
    You could even get by with a 360W quality PSU.

    550W is plenty of power for your build.
  41. But the 550w would die faster than a 650w?
  42. EXQNGaming said:
    But the 550w would die faster than a 650w?

    no - buy the psu based on quality not wattage mate.
    an i5 6500 & a gtx 1060 combo wont pull more than 240w max & generally below 200w.
    A good 450w psu is absolutely ample & then some.
    A 550w wouldnt last any longer than a 450w.
    A650w would just be a silly overspend for nothing & if anything would be less efficient becasue it would be running a sub 50% load.
  43. So the 550w would be used about 50% on a full gaming load?
  44. A bit less than 50 %, group regulated units like the seasonic 520 or xfx 550 perform more efficiently between 60-80% , dc-dc units like the corsair cx450m/550m have a wider efficiency band - that band covers a spectrum of 25-80% or thereabouts.
    Really negligible though , 82-84% on the seasonic. 85-88% on the corsairs - these are just rough estimates.
  45. Think of it this way. Buy a very good psu now, 10yr warranty. Cost $100. Buy a cheaper psu 3yr warranty. Cost $60. Everybody knows that it's almost a guarantee that if a functional unit will break, it's right after the warranty expires. So, you spend $100 for 10 years of peace, or spend $180 for 9 years of peace. Or, that 10yr psu will be good enough not only for this build, but the pc after, and even after that. The 3yr warranty gets replaced every build no matter what.

    Spending a little more now will save much more later and if it does break in that 10 years, you're covered. Hate to see a 3yr needing replacement after 3.1 yrs
  46. Well i am a bit budget oriented but i guess youre right but the thing is i kinda wanna go with a corsair any suggestions? 550W for 100€?
  47. Is this any good probably is :P
  48. Ok so i know the s340 elite isnt budget oriented butttttt i love white so i just wanna ask the rmxpsu does fit in thes340 elite right since it is a big psu
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