What tier is my PSU on the PSU Tier List? [SOLVED]

So I have a Powerlogic ATX-700-W(it's what it says on the casing) as my PSU on my PC. I want to know if it's good or nay. Also if it can handle GTX 1050 Ti well.

Thanks in advance!
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    That power supply is junk, you probably wont find it on that list. 700w is enough but the quality is very poor, if you could spend about $30 for a quality power supply, go for it, it will guarantee the safety of your other components.
  2. It doesnt even make the Tier 5 Avoid Immediately list. That's how good it is lol.

    It may handle the 1050Ti, but I wouldn't like to risk it. It certainly has enough wattage.
  3. It's on the should be replaced list.
  4. ₱2,550.00
    FSP Hyper.
  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    It's on the should be replaced list.

    Haha that list must be hidden under the sofa somewhere. And that's where the PSU should go too!
  6. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    FSP Hyper.

    Seems affordable enough. Thanks :D
  7. Thanks guys. I now know what to buy next rofl.
  8. We are glad to assist.
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