High voltage with low temp would incur system damage ?

hi there

I recently began overclocking the cpu, well apu I have a a10 7890k I have got it to 4.6 Ghz but the voltage its between 1.58 to 1.64
the temperature under load its 65 C (stress test , Pirme95 and aida64) and 33-45 under normal use , maybe 50 at most . I'm using a cooler master vortex plus . (really good one by the way)

also the igpu its a 1140 Ghz
ram 2133 MHz 11-11-11-27 2 @ 1.7v
the northbridge 2000 MHz @ 1.3v ( couldn't get it pass 2000 , at 2100 the system crashes )

with those values the system is snappy . the temps are relatively cool motherboard temp its between 34-27

everywhere I have read before I started doing the overclocking ,it said not to go pass 1.54v on the cpu voltage . but the motherboard (ASUS x88m plus) by default was a 1.53v . the BIOS says the min and max voltage to the cpu its 1.5 to 1.7. the BIOS uses offset type setting for the adjustment to that section

my question its with those high voltages will it damage the ape , even though the temperatures are reasonable low
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    It's past recommended limit of 1.5v for that processor, so yes, you could damage it or MB with that high voltage even if it was very cool.
  2. little by little I'm lowering the voltage . now its at 1.55625
    its a tedious process for every 0.00625v I go test for 30 on prime95 . lets see how much can I lowered .

    which I think its weird , increasing the frequency on the igpu , brings a more stable clock speed a lower voltage .
  3. There's always a "Sweet spot", just have to find it.
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