I have a WD 80GB SATA Drive 10 years old. Should I be cautious using it?

Hello, I have a 10 year old WD 80GB SATA 1 Drive.
All Disk management tools I have used show the health of the drive to be very good.
I tested the Drive in:
1) Speedfan (Disk health: Very Good)
2) Speccy : Disk is OK.
3) Gnome Disks: Disk is OK.

The Disk has no reallocated sectors, all are "Good".

All SMART are "Good".
So, my question was, will it be safe to use this drive for pagefile/Linux swap, under Windows and Virtual boxx, VM Ware?

Basically, i want to use it yo reduce the load from my main Hard Drive.
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    Like all drives, assume it will fail, have a backup.
  2. use the wd test software but since hdd are cheap i would get another .
  3. Sounds like you're running a virtualized Linux system on a Windows host. If you want to put the Linux system itself on that drive, I would assume it will fail or at the very least perform poorly. However, if you want to put a 40GB pagefile and a 40GB Linux swap partition on that drive then go for it.
  4. If all you are using it for is a page/swap file, then you should be good to go. If your PC has 8GB or more of ram, then you will rarely,if ever actually page or swap anything to it anyway. Your risk is minimal even if it should fail.
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