My main drive ssd read write is maxed out, and the OS responds slowly

I have a solid state drive and hdd. Everything started running awkwardly after I booted and I checked my task manager and my c drive is maxed out utility wise even though I'm not doing anything .

When I attempt to do anything it takes a long time and sometimes the mouse or action freezes and doesn't respond .

And I mean it freezes and doesn't respond . Like other things will keep moving and it's not out of memory . It just suddenly stopped processing the mouse siding while operations everywhere else was showing clear animations

What could it possibly be ? I would say it's a faulty ssd after so long but i want to make sure first

Update: anything c drive related is lagging : games , apps, the operating system . I have league of legends on internal and it's running fine except in game it doesn't register some clicks and commands
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    Is your SSD full? If no then it might be faulty. Go to the manufactures website and see if they have a tool to test the SSD, most do.
  2. Do you mean it running at 100%? on Windows 10?
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