Test booting my little brothers PC I built him and it turns on automatically and turns off almost immediately

Ok so I was upgrading my PC this Christmas and I was going to upgrade my little brothers PC and build my other little brother one with the part my little brother doesn't need. All I did was move the parts from one case to another and the PC is turning on automatically. When I turn on the PSU the system starts for a few seconds then stops then starts itself again. All the parts were working earlier this morning and I have already reseated the cpu and ram. The PC is using a fx-6300 an radeon HD 5770. The PSU is a 350 watt one that came with an ibuypower pc I used to have. I have tried removing the gpu and booting and that doesn't fix it.
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  1. Update: I put the system back into its old case and it posts. I don't even know what could have caused it besides cheap material on the other case causing shorting but the case worked before so idk
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    I had a similar symptom when I mistakenly connected the front panel hdd led wires to the reset button.
    Front panel layouts can be confusing.
    Try not connecting any front panel leads at all and start the motherboard with a screwdriver; momentarily touch the two pwr pins.
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