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Today i bought a new pc lenovo thinkcentre E8400 i want to overclock it with stock cooler to 3.4-5 but in my bios settings i cant find any of the oc settings
Plz help me becauz i had core 2 duo E7300 3gb ram and gta iv was running a bit laggy i bought this and its still the same
Bios version:5CKT77AUS
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    Assuming it's this ..

    You can't. It doesn't have an unlocked chip, and Lenovo have probably customized the BIOS so you have even less available settings than you normally would.

    If its the wrong system I apologise.
  2. So y is gta iv laggy with 1gb geforce 210 3 gb ddr3 ram
  3. Honestly? Because it's a very poor card.
  4. Multipack said:
    Honestly? Because it's a very poor card.

    Ohhh u broke my heart
  5. Well that's what can happen when you buy a mass-produced pre-built PC.

    Most keen gamers or those requiring a PC with enough muscle to run high-end graphics software either build their own or have one custom-built for them to their own specs. If necessary, they're easily upgradeable too (unlike yours).

    The time to ask for advice is before buying a PC, not after you've bought one.
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