Should I Keep an am3+ motherboard or switch over to intel?

I was planning on upgrading my current PC into something that can play AAA games at 1080p on high settings. Here are my current specs
Motherboard: M5A78L-M LX Plus
Cpu: Amd fx 4200
Gpu: Gtx evga ftw950
Ram: 4gb corsair
PSU: 520 watt bronze SeaSonic
I was planning on purchasing the fx-8350, but message boards have been reccomending I make the leap to Intel. However this would require a purchase of a new motherboard and a new case, as my motherboard is currently a micro atx and if I switch boards I'd rather have more room to work. What's your opinion, which would be better suited. Thanks
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    amd is about to release their new ryzen cpus and intel is about to release kaby lake. let that play out because if amd ryzen can compete with intel then there will be a price war that we all win in.
  2. It's best to wait right now. And the motherboard you have currently is poorly equipped to deal with an 83xx part, so even an upgrade would have a new motherboard as a practical purchase (given the age of your platform, any motherboard upgrade should be a new platform, not just going back to the FX). I'd see where Kaby Lake and Ryzen stand in a few months.
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