Why are some games locked at 60 FPS?

I tried to play Dying Light at High setthings and it was always 59-60fps and then I tried Skyrim SE also at Ultra settings but it was the same, I disabled V-Sync from the games and from Nvidia control panel, nothing changed.
GTX 970 with slight OC
16GB Ram
X99 Mobo
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    two things can cause this 1. vertical sync is on in game. 2. in Nvidia control panel you have it to force vertical sync to ON.

    Also Is Every Thing Ok

    Doesn't matter it could be 1000 fps your monitor will only show 60 and anything above that will cause screen tearing.

    Its Because Of Ur Type Of Ur Monitor Maybe :)

    Enjoy Gaming :)

    Best Regards Khd :))
  2. Some devs lock games to a maximum of 60 FPS output because:

    1: 99.99% of all displays can only output up to 60Hz
    2: It simplifies the game engine (example: some physics engines start breaking at > 100 FPS)
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