can i put any am3 in a am3 socket and it work. And am trying to upgrade my HP 6005 PRO
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  1. Most OEM computer's motherboards do not support overclocking.

    Most AM3 CPU's will work in MOST AM3 motherboards with a BIOS update. Update the BIOS of the motherboard to the newest available before attempting to install a newer CPU.
  2. how do I update bios never have before......and thank U:))
  3. if I get a black edition it wont work with the mother-B?
  4. It should as long as you get the latest BIOS.

    At this point though upgrading to any am3 socket CPU isn't worth it.

    It is a dead end socket with lackluster CPU choices.

    I would try to get a last gen I5 and motherboard combo. It should still use the same RAM as you currently have.
  5. I5 4460 and H mobo or I5 4670k and a z97 motherboard to be presise.
  6. do u know if NA cpu-sockt motherboards are good
  7. QUAKEPOWERZ said:
    do u know if NA cpu-sockt motherboards are good

    I have never heard of a desktop processor socket called NA. :(
  8. oh:(( sorry wrong thing.....but if I get a different motherb I would have to reinstall windows right
  9. Yup. Even Windows 10 is tied directly to your motherboard.

    If you have a valid Windows key it shouldn't be a huge problem. Even if you encounter a problem, one phone call and they will get it sorted out.

    Takes around 10 minutes even if it comes to that.
  10. mm...ok so if I got a cpu that has been used in the same type of system but the black-Ed AMD would it even boot being that the cpu is unlocked.....And can having a to high TDP stop the PC form ever booting up?
  11. If it is truly an upgrade it might have been released AFTER your motherboard has been released. In which case your motherboard would need a BIOS update to be able to boot using that CPU.

    If it was released before your motherboard was released then it may or may not be okay.

    Either way if you are going to stick with that motherboard and get a new CPU then you are going to have to update your BIOS in order to use the new CPU.
  12. ok hey sorry all Q&As mm so if I get this AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black-Ed and BIOS update it should work after I update bios
  13. There are better choices in that socket but I suppose it would work.

    What are you paying for that CPU?
  14. saying its a AM3 BUT im not going to TAKE A chance alright this one Phenom II X4 965
  15. ok the other one is A AM3 -(X6 1090T THIS one $130) the (x4 965 is $68) ........what cpus u think are better AND AGAIN THANKS FOR ALL YOUR the way my name is kody
  16. The FX 8320E has been going on sale left and right for ~$80-$129 and is a pretty good choice.

    It has 8 cores and has similar overclocking headroom of the fx 8350.
  17. Make sure to update your BIOS to the newest version though before you install the new CPU. It is important :)
  18. wait well the update let me use a AM3+ ?
  19. Just to clarify, because I didn't see anyone else write this. AM3+ CPU's (FX Series) are not compatible with AM3 motherboards.
    Also, if you ever look into FX Series, the 9590 is a 220W CPU and will not work with most motherboards, look for it in the supported CPU list.
  20. Good catch!

    Some are and some aren't IIRC.

    It is definitely not worth upgrading to AMD then.
  21. NOOOOOO....LOL O-M-G 220W OK cool I well get a new mother-B just don't want to have to deal with all of that but whatever its best any way.....ok THANKS lakimens
  22. mm....thinking should I buy a new mother-B and then later get a cpu that would really be best instead of wasted $$$money$$$..........nooooo I JUST H A T E!!! the cpu I have right now (Athlon ii x2 due-core 2.7Ghzzz)
  23. SO SORRY 1 more Q&A if a mother-B says that it supports 140W CPU DOES THIS MEAN ONLY 140w AND NO HIGHER
  24. Best answer
    Yes, that is exactly what it means.
    ZEN or Ryzen is coming in Q1 2017, wait for that, it should drop the prices a bit.
  25. oyeaa I watched a vid on it if they make it $1000 I don't know about that.......and the socket is a AM4 here there any AM4 mother-B?
  26. There will be, just wait for release.
  27. My guess would be ~$500 for the 8c-16t

    They are also going to have a 4c variant for sure that will be priced reasonably.
  28. They compared it to the 6900k, which is $1100. I don't think AMD is gonna try to compete at that price at first.
    Reason being, AMD has been out of the CPU game for a long time, who would entrust $1000 to an unrated company.
    They will probably bring it around $500 and the 4Core model, $250 or less.
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