cpu help for gpu less bottleneck

what should i get for my cpu should i get for my gpu not to bottleneck a e8400 intel core duo 3.0ghz or e8500 duo core 3.16ghz

hp compaq dc5800 microtower
250gb hdd 3gbps
ddr2 3gb 667mhz
intel e8200 duo 2.66ghz
amd hd 5450 1gb gddr3 sapphire edition
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  1. Your CPU is outdated, it bottlenecks even the Radeon 5450 you have. You should start saving money for a completely new PC and sell this one.
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    It depends on the games you play. A full upgrade to a newer platform would be preferable. E8400's aren't too bad on older games if you can overclock it but since it's a dell tower it's likely a proprietary dell motherboard as well. I had a suitable air cooler and motherboard, had mine oc'd to 3.6 and it didn't bottleneck my hd 4850 and only somewhat bottlenecked my hd 7850. Highly doubtful the 5450 is being bottlenecked, if anything it's likely the bottleneck. Try using msi afterburner when playing games and monitor cpu vs gpu usage. I would be willing to bet the gpu is maxed out.

    I agree though, if looking to play even somewhat recent games it would be best to put together a new pc. The 5450 struggled to play games at 20-30fps on low in 2010 at 1280x1024. If playing at 1080p it will be worse.
  3. xstampede if the e8200 bottlenecks the radeon 5450 1gb sapphire if i get a e8400 or a e8500 will it bottleneck less, also i could overclock it. i cant get a new pc as my mum wont let me at the moment so next year i might be able to
  4. games i play are like minecraft and so but my younger bro plays robolox
  5. synphul i have used msi burner and other softwares and my cpu usage is about 70-80%+ at times whilst my gpu is 40%-50%
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