game lag/stuttering after 1hr 15mins play

Hi guys. i just built my new pc.
I7 6700k;ddr4 vengeance led 3000mhz; asus maximus viii hero; sandisk extremepro ssd
And i use graphic card from old system, r9 380

But i just noticed a weird problem that drives me crazy. everytime after 1hr15~20mins play the fps rate will drop to very low for 3 seconds and then go back to normal.

software part: i tried reinstall all drivers, bios, systems. Doesnt work

Hardware part: bought new psu 750w; tried another ssd. doesnt work

I am super annoying right now cuz i cant figure out whats the problem is.

I am gonna buy a new mobo today but i still concern about it.

Really needhelp from you guys
thank you
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  1. My guess would be that your RAM gets filled. That also would explain the lag since it takes some time for the PC to erase old data from the RAM to make room for new data.
  2. Finally I found the reason why.

    It's because of AMD's card, the R9 380 NITRO. It's either not very compatible with the Z170 board or the driver sucks.
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