You're a genius if you can solve this - Stuck on BIOS Splash Screen but passed POST - Why?

1. Stuck on BIOS Splash Screen but passed POST (normal beep) - why is that so? This happens 1 in 10 times.
2. Sometimes it will pass POST but totally no input on monitor. Initially I thought it was the video card / monitor problem. I replaced both and had the same problem! This happens 3 in 10 times.
3. Problem resuming from sleep. When I resume from sleep, the CPU will run for 2s before turning off, and turning on again. It gets back to normal thereafter but it is annoying. This happens 10 in 10 times.

With the 3 issues above, I have changed everything in my system except
1. RAM (Memtest passed 2x)
2. PSU (load only 200w, PSU is 620w seasonic)
3. Mobo (z77-d3h, any sure way to test whether it is working?)
4. CPU (i5-2500k, solid workhorse, not overclocked)

Any idea what is wrong and how I can resolve the 3 issues above?
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  1. I know you said you tried memtest, but could you try another stick of RAM?
  2. Also check you motherboard cpu socket pins, you might have some dent pins.
  3. z77-d3h is the bios flashed to the newest relese
  4. Yes latest bios version.

    No dent pins because it has not been moved since 4 years ago.

    I have 4 sticks of ram and I switched out a few to test. Problem persists.
  5. thease might help you find out what is wrong HWINFO might show you somthing as well good luck
    • Observe your parts, - unlikely bent CPU socket pin, even if you do find while POST detect the CPU it would still nudge CPU- copper lane, check if there any stain, scratch, etc fore face and back face of the solder- slots, RAM and graphic card, use magnifier and flash light- cables
    • At some point the power related component reach it life span, so one degrading part (caps, chokes, resistors, VRM) effects overall power delivery. These components reside in motherboard + graphic card + PSU.
    • In the mean time you can downgrade BIOS to check if that only BIOS issue.
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    Usually when a system passes POST but fails to load OS its related to OS corruption, sometimes due to updates, sometimes due to driver/RAM corruption, a flat CMOS or a failing HDD. I'd first try running some diagnostics on your hard drive and using a USB Windows installer to see if it can identify any problems in advanced recovery myself.
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