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Hello everyone! I have a logitech f310 controller (PC) I bought the cabble to connect that to my tablet (Samsung Tab A) and I am trying to use it but I am having a lot of difficulties is there any ways I could make it work? Thanks in advance
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  1. i doubt it will work. the logitech website says it works with sony TV's running android TV which may be different then a mobile version of android. do you even know if the controller has Bluetooth connectivity?
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    As captiancharisma has stated above, the Logitech website seems to apparently say it works with Sony TV's running on Android TV. So it might not work on a tablet. If the controller has Bluetooth, you can get it go into Bluetooth mode, turn Bluetooth on, on your device and connect your device with the controller and you can use it to control the system now. You may also use a PS4 controller that you might happen to own around, and hold the Share button and the PS button at the same time until the light bar rapidly flashes going into Bluetooth mode. activate Bluetooth on your device and connect to the controller. You will have to re-pair your controller to your PS4 with a usb cable as the controller will be linked to your phone instead of your console.
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