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I've had problems lately where I have 100% disk usage. My disc is: ST500DM0 02-18D142 SATA Disk Device. On Windows 10 64bit. I've tried a lot of solutions such as disabling superfetch, windows search, and all that. But today, System was taking up 100%, at 1MB/s+ (which to me seems low for 100%). Anyway, I ran resource monitor to see what specifically is happening. When looking at the disk activity in system, about 800,000 B/sec of the current 830,000 B/sec is being use by:


I tried to find that folder but I cannot. The recycle bin is completely empty right now. What is this, and how can I make it stop, if at all? Is it possible there is an issue with my disk? I don't really know much about this sort of thing, but ~1.2MB/s doesn't seem like a lot to be pushing 100% usage. I have automatic paging on, which is 1280mb and I have 8gb of RAM. It recommends 1913mb but I don't want to mess with it.

Edit: I thought I had searched enough to not find the answer before posting this, but clearly I did not. I searched google for a good hour, maybe my wording was not good enough. Or I should have just came here and looked before I posted! Anyway, after posting this there was related questions, and I found my answer. By doing the permanent fix posted by Colif in the tutorials, the issue seems to have stopped. I do still find it weird the recycle bin was doing that.
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    And I was just about to drop this link when I read your edit:

    Glad I helped :)

    I don't know what the recorder is actually recording to start the process its running so I can't explain why recycle bin was acting as it was.
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