Computer won't post, is it a psi, mobo, cpu, or gnu issue.

Ok, This is a long one, but ill do a quick one at the top.


ram: 2x4 ddr3 1600mhz kingston hyperx fury
gpu: gtx 970 (asus)
mobo:Gigabyte Z87 LGA 1150 (GA-Z87X-D3H)
cpu: intel core i5 4670k (coasta rica)
psu: coairsair cx750m
cooler: (not that it matters) hyper t12 evo

I had pin issue in the socket, that i fixed. Fixed the pins. Dimm2 slot didn't work all the time, but would work occasionally. then it stopped working all together. I tried to look at my pins and fix or try to better connections. which i did. But now the mother board won't post. I get no beeps. The fans just go and go. But when i put in my gpu (gtx 970) the fans ramp up for .2 seconds then turn off for 0.1 seconds. this will repeat indefinitely until i shot off my psu. I read forums and they all said that it could be a psi problem, even though i have yet to have one. I know it not my ram as i tested it in a friends rig. unfortunately i was unable to test my gpu.

Long version

When i got my motherboard a few pins were slitty bent in the socket, and one was missing. (i got it used) The missing pin was a grounding pin (i looked at the pin diagram) so i think it'll be all good, as long as i don't over clock it. thats what ltt forums says. Which was true, i didn't over clock my pc at all. And i got the pins fixed. here i am, just about 10 months later and dimm2 stops working. i switch to just one dim, as the mono wouldn't post with 2 dimms. it would post. then i swapped the dimms, it posted. So i tried to check the socket to see if there were issues with pins again. I found a few awkwardly angled pins and i did my best to fix them. but the pc wouldn't post at all. no fans, no sound. nada. I work don the pins some more and now the fans would spin up. and stay up. with both, or one dimm in. But nothing happened on my monitor, and no beep from the speaker. This was when i had taken out my gpu. But when i put in my gpu the fans ramp up for .2 seconds then turn off for 0.1 seconds. this repeats indefinitely until i shot off my psu. But when i take out the 8pin connector for the gnu, the fans work as before. just running forever, no stopping, no beeps. this is what lead to believe, it could be a psu issue. So I have tried the paper clip test to see if it was my psu. But the psu did what the people said it should do if it was fine. I went to a friends house to check my dimms, and my ram stick are fine.

I personally still think it the mono but if any one has an ideas for me to try I'm open to it

I will also still be trying to redo the pins to perfection.
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  1. Well i personally shocked you didn't send that PSU back when you found the pins were damaged.

    Its most likely PSU, but this is my opinion.

    That or the motherboard.

    You will just have to either send back and get a new PSU and motherboard or try the parts in a spare board if you have one.

    Its all trial and error really to find the issue.

    I never recommend buying used.
  2. o sorry i should have been more clear, the pins on the mobo

    and that what was i was thinking. and i do thinks it a mono issue personally, so I'm working on fixing my current one, and ordering a new one
  3. Best answer
    If its broken never use it as it could end up breaking your other parts.
  4. thanks. i got a new mobo and its all back to normal!
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